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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Election – Shmelection: This is a dove-grey end-papered paradise and a politician-free zone

I am back in the UK very briefly and have found some real treats in my post-bag.

Firstly I was thrilled to receive both Iris Murdoch’s The Book and the Brotherhood from the lovely Bloomsbury Bell, and Marjorie Ann Watts’ collection of short stories Are they funny, are they dead? which was very kindly sent to me by Charles Boyle at CB Editions (see his excellent blog here). Looking forward to both of those.

Secondly, as well all know it is Persephone Reading week and so it seems especially fitting to finally get hold of my copy of The Persephone Biannually, stuffed as it is with interesting articles and vignettes. I was pleased to see so many of my favourite bloggers getting honourable mentions including The B Files, Dovegreyreader, Savidge Reads, Paperback Reader, Desperate Reader, My Porch, The Literary Stew, A Girl Walks into a Bookstore and I Prefer Reading. There were also a couple of other blogs mentioned that were new to me so I am off to investigate those now...

Sad to read that the Persephone shop in Kensington Church Street is closing.

Claire at Paperback Reader and Verity at The B Files host Persephone Reading week. I am reading Mariana by Monica Dickens. One book is a measly effort I know, but I hope to write a fairly full review of it to make up for my tardiness. I have also fished around and found a lovely picture of Monica Dickens in preparation.

So, today is shaping up to be something of a Persephone-fest – that is after I have popped out to fulfil my civic duty at the polling station – oh well, better get it over with...


  1. What a lovely post Hannah and thanks for linking me! I have don't have a copy of the Persephone Biannually and I'm so surprised to learn that I was quoted! I'm speechless right now. Oh, please email me and let me know exactly what was written. This is so thrilling! My email: somethingsdishy@gmail.com

  2. Looks like you're ready to enjoy a lovely afternoon! Looking forward to you review of Mariana... and I'll only get to one Persephone this week, too. Maybe next time I'll pre-read another!

  3. Dovegrey is much better than red, yellow or blue. I'm wearing grey today so as not to betray any allegiance!

  4. I have yet to read a Persephone, but The Wise Virgins is waiting to be picked up at this moment, so I'm not complaining that you're reading just one Persephone this week.

    I hope you enjoy the other books you received this week!

  5. Ah, a Persephone fest sounds blissful! I do love lounging with the Biannually and with a Persephone book or two.

    Lovely post, Hannah, and thank you for joining.

  6. I hadn't heard about Persephone (the store or the fest) until yesterday. I need to get out from under my rock every now and then. Anyway, too late for me to participate in the Persephone reading week, but I did check out their website. I also must find out how I subscribe to get the Biannual. Great post.

  7. I hope you enjoy the Murdoch! I have read one of her books (Under the Net) and thought it was just wonderful. I have always wanted to try a Persephone book as well, but haven't yet gotten my hands on one. I really wanted to try Few Eggs, No Oranges. I hope you enjoy all your books and don't have to wait long at the polls!

  8. I love the picture of your tray. Looks like you had a sunny day to enjoy your Persephone.

  9. Happy voting! Books are definitely an antidote to political stress.

  10. I am glad that the book arrived - hope you enjoy it! I loved Mariana so I will be interested in seeing how you get on with it! Have a lovely Persephone infused weekend.

  11. Thanks for linking to me. I hope you had a lovely day & enjoyed reading Mariana. This was one of my first Persephones & I would love to have time to reread it one day. Maybe I'll feel inspired after reading The Winds of Heaven by MD which Persephone are reprinting at the end of the year.

  12. I'm very interested in Mariana and can't wait to see what you think. I only read one book for Persephone Week myself- but I usually "only" read one book per week! :-)

  13. I have always wanted to read Persephone books. Should start as soon as I am able to. Right now absolutely swamped at work and I have the flu to top things off. I love the first picture! Reminds me of Saturday mornings when I have nothing to do other than sit with a cup of tea and a book :)

  14. Great photo of Monica Dickens.

    The roll-call in TPB is certainly impressive Hannah! I spent a lovely spring afternoon perusing my copy in a deckchair very similar to the one on the front cover!!

    Hope you enjoyed your brief stay in the UK.

    Off to catch up now with some of your posts that I missed.


  15. Thank you all for visiting and commenting

    Mrs B - I have sent you an email - let me know if you haven't recieved/have any problems!

    JoAnn - yes, I think that preparatino is the name of the game... I hope that PRW happens next year as well.

    Verity - quite - it looks as though we might be heading for a grey government at this rate (I am typing this on Tuesday!)

    Irisonbooks - thank you, I am enjoying them. Also - Mariana is a book to read reasonably slowly so i am quite pleased that i didn't attempt any other Persephones - it would probably have been too much

    Claire - thank you and you are welcome - thank you for organising a lovely reading fest!

    Grad - I think that you can suscribe through the website. Persephone books are lovely, I do hope that you enjoy discovering them.

    Zibilee - yes I love the title "Few Eggs and no oranges" - I have never got around to it but always liked the sound of that one.

    Thomas - thank you it is a lovely tray from my parents in laws' stock, and most suitable for lazing with

    Stephanie - they definately are! Although, with the hung parliament, there is no almost as much political news coverage as there was before: books please!

    Bloomsbury Bell - thanks so much it was a thrill to recieve. Mariana now reviewed!

    Lyn - I am looking forward to the Winds of Heaven.... sounds great.

    Marie - yes I suppose that reading a book a week is quite good going really (!) I tend to have patches where I read more and others where I have an off period.... Now I am pleased that I didn't try to fit another one in - it was a pleasure being able to take a bit of time with the book.

    Vaishnavi - oh gosh - I hope that you feel better soon, that's too bad.... We must start the Persephone India campaign!

    Jeanne - we had a lovely stay thank you.... I love that picture on the front of TPB....

    Thank you all and do enjoy your weeks.


  16. I love looking in the catalogue and seeing bloggers that I follow mentioned there. Maybe one day it will be me, when I get my act together and read a Persephone.

  17. Jodie - well there are so many to choose from - I do hope that you enjoy one of them soon. I would be very interested to read your reflections!

    Best wishes for the week