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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Au revoir la France: 10 things I miss about you

This post is a bit of a eulogy, mainly in picture form, to our time, now over, in France. So, without further ado - things which I am missing already ...

Signs that we don't understand, even when they appear to be in English

The view from my study

Carrying a shopping basket in a nonchalant fashion

Book club feasting

A nice potter around the market

No shortage of flowers

Preparing huge dinner parties in a tiny kitchen

That post dinner party feeling

Always being close to a Paris-fix

Our local car park horses


  1. Goodness, Hannah, no wonder you are missing it all. "Ball Trap" made me laugh -- I spend quite a lot of time in France (I have a house near Mont St Michel) and in all the 13 or so years I have been visiting there have never worked out what that means. Not sure why you were there or why you had to leave (work, I assume) but I hope you get plenty of chances to revisit!

  2. Beautiful pictures - I loved the post dinner picture as well as the others.

  3. Wow - such amazing pictures. Hopefully you have moved on to pastures even more green?!

  4. It must be a very sad time. I'm still getting over leaving Paris after a two week holiday in July. I love this post though. I shall wonder at Ball Trap now too. I understand you would have mixed feelings about the items in the post, but it's a wonderful series of photos for the rest of us.

  5. Beautiful.... no wonder you miss it all!

  6. This made me smile. Especially the interloper in your shopping basket (a Birman, by any chance at all?) I'm sorry you're missing France and hope you're not too sad to be elsewhere...

  7. Those are wonderful pictures, Hannah! I can totally see why you are missing it. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  8. I always love a good narrated slide show. Your pear dessert looks so refined. I make good tasting food, it just normally doesn't look very pretty.

    Any chance you will be in London on November 13th. I will be there and there is a group of bloggers getting together that afternoon. Would love to have you join us if you are in the area.

  9. Thank you for the photos; how you must miss the view from your study.

  10. Heck now I'm missing it and I've never even been! Everything looks lovely.

  11. Those are lovely pictures. I think I would be nostalgic in your place. I love the post-dinner party picture; so true.

  12. Loved all the pictures! Hope you had a great time in France :) You know, you should actually write short pieces of your time there, I am sure they would be lovely to read. And I love the new template!

  13. Hannah, I have never read about why you were there. I thought you had moved there permanently. I would miss the food - the fresh vegetables and fruits and breads. I just read a couple of books that may help with your transition - they are the two Bruno, Chief of Police books by Martin Walker.

  14. A touching eulogy Hannah - I would miss all these things too - I love the way you have put together the photos. I didn't realise your stay in France was relatively temporary ...


  15. Ah, you shopping basket is so charming and I'm sure you know why;-)
    Post dinner pictures - I adore them - appears everyone enjoyed the meal;-)
    A potter around the market indeed.