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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Weekly Portrait: Nina Hamnett by Roger Fry

This painting is called "Woman" but the model is Nina Hamnett, who has appeared in this blog more than once (infact, at least twice) and it was painted in 1915.

Some years later, in her wonderful autobiography Snakes and Ladders, Marjory Todd describes how Hamnett introduced her to her mentor C. K. Ogden:

""This is C. K. Ogden, my dear. Ogden, this is Blackie".... "very rich man, my dear! He is going to give me a marvellous dinner!"

But a little later Ogden said to me "You are dining with me" and bore me off to the Etoile. Nina never showed the slightest resentment about this sort of thing. She always brought a most unfemenineblandness into everything, and yet, I am afraid, in those days as in later years, she often ended the evening alone".


  1. Sometimes their lives were so sad, even though they were striving for so much. A brilliant portrait

    And, you have reminded me to order 'Snakes and Ladders'!