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Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy new year Hampton Courting

It turns out that Hampton Court Palace is the place to be on the first Sunday of the year. We were caught somewhere in the post-Christmas, post-New Year, pre-going-back-to-work and not quite knowing what to do with oneself slumber familiar to many and decided to tackle the problem in time honoured fashion: by wandering around an old building and talking about history. On this occassion, I was chief talker, as although my husband knows more about most subjects that I do, I am our resident Tudor specialist owing to an obsession for the six wives of Henry VIII which I developed in primary school. Not having forgotten absolutely everything and still retaining some of my old enthusiasm, I was off. A perfectly sound basis for a tour guide I am sure you will agree. Fortunately I did not spend the whole time gabbling but also took some pictures, and here they are:


  1. Happy New Year!
    Hampton Court Palace is a great way to start the new year! Interesting photos!

  2. I would love to visit Hampton Court, especially after reading Philippa Gregory's historic novels. It would be wonderful to be able to immerse myself in so much history. Great Photos!

  3. I've been here, but my pictures didn't turn out half as cool as yours did. :)

  4. You had an obsession with Henry VIII in primary school? I was worried about playing Cinderella in a class play. Loved that ceiling!

  5. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them. I have a Tudor obsession too & I visited HC on my trip to the UK over 10 years ago. Just loved it. I was also fascinated by the William & Mary side of the palace that I hadn't really known much about.

  6. Love the photos, in particular the tapestry.

  7. I also loved Henry VIII from a young age and loved our school trips to Hampton Court. I think a visit is due again soon.

  8. Happy Sunday all and thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments...

    Josbookjourney - I am glad that I am not the only one! I think that I was inspired by a school play which another class did before the whole school. That got be going on Tudor history and before my poor family knew where they were, they were being dragged around all sorts of old houses and castles etc.

    Aguja - I am so glad that you like it - I thought it was gorgeous. It is a tiny part of a large tapestry which is itself part of a series commissioned by Henry VIII and costing a whopping £2500 which was apparently roughly the same amount as was spent on the Mary Rose at a similar time - so it was an incredible sum to spend on decorating the inside of a palace. Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out...

    Lyn - thank you so much and I am glad that you enjoyed them... One of the things which I had forgotten about Hampton Court palace is how much history there is there from how many different periods. I think that people immediately think of the tudor elements but in fact there is a whole lot more...

    Kim - yes it was a bit strange! Although I did love Cindarella until I was quite old too!

    Heidenkind - glad you enjoyed:-)

    Spangle - there were lots of those for sale in the gift shop!

    Linda - happy new year to you too!

    Bon weekend all!