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Monday, September 26, 2011

A visit to Cookham

When he was s student at the Slade, the visionary painter Stanley Spencer, who regular readers of this blog will know is one of my all time favourites, was known by the name of his home village, the Berkshire then-hamlet of Cookham. This is a mere glimpse of the sights that we saw on a recent trundle there.

And if this scene looks familiar.....

This is probably why...

OK, maybe it wasn't familiar, but it *is* the same place.


  1. I adore Spencer's artworks. You've been swanning about Cookham - have you seen any exhibitions of his works?;-)

  2. I love Barbara Comyns ... and we used to go up to Cookham on our boat for the weekend. It is a beautiful place, so peaceful. Thank you for this post which brings to me happy memories.

    I am away until mid October, but have left Ireland posts for bloggers to view.

  3. It was familiar! I went to the Spencer exhibition at Compton Verney recently, which was beautiful - and now want to go to Cookham too... My favourite Spencer painting (Cows at Cookham) is in the Ashmolean, but they seem to have taken it down now.